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Early 1950’s. Lydia Weekes, is devastated by the disintegration of her marriage. Her son Charlie (10) misses his strong-spirited mother, who can no longer muster the energy to dance with him. His father Robert, has left - irritated by Charlie’s inability to be the son he wants him to be. Charlie is befriended by Dr. Jean Markham; a GP, returning to her small hometown to take over her late-father’s practice. Charlie is entranced by the bees in her over-grown garden, and helps Jean look after the hives as the summer unfolds. Jean tells him that bees can keep secrets - that they have kept hers, since she was a child. Through Charlie, the two women find each other; and a connection neither of them expected. In a small town where secrets are few and judgements many - and where female homosexuality is a still-whispered myth - Jean and Lydia find themselves falling in love.


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09 / 08 / 2017 - 01 / 09 / 2017

Crews on-board

Standby Props

William Collins - IMDB

Make-Up and Hair Artist

Wendy Kemp Forbes - IMDB

Make-Up and Hair Artist

Trefor Proud - IMDB

1st Assistant Director

Tom Mcnie - IMDB


Theo Milford - IMDB


Jon Harrison - IMDB

Second Assistant Buyer

Rosemary Gleave - IMDB

Assistant Grip

Ronan Devlin - IMDB

1st Assistant Director

Robyn Henderson - IMDB

Standby Props

Robert Lyle - IMDB

Post Production Supervisor

Richard Lloyd - IMDB

3rd Assistant Director

Raluca Staruiala - IMDB

Property Master

Paul McNamara - IMDB

Design Assistant

Patricia Amatriain - IMDB

Key Costumer

Orsolya Sallai - IMDB


Mandy Murphy - IMDB

Standby Props

Leanne Boyd - IMDB

Art Department Assistant

Kit Falck - IMDB

Bee Unit Supervisor

Kathy Friend - IMDB

Focus Puller

Kasia Swietlikowska - IMDB

Assistant Editor

Kallis Kyriacou - IMDB

Second Assistant Camera

Joshua Rowe - IMDB

Production Manager

Jill Pryde - IMDB

Art Director

Jean Kerr - IMDB

Assistant Production Buyer

Jaye Brown - IMDB

2nd Assistant Director

Jamie Hetherington - IMDB

Assistant Location Manager

Jamaica Radcliffe - IMDB

Boom Operator

Jaime Sotelo - IMDB

Production Coordinator

Iain Canning - IMDB

Costume Design Assistant

Holly McLean - IMDB

Make-Up and Hair Designer

Helen Cannon - IMDB

Petty Cash Buyer

Fiona McLean - IMDB

Prop Coordinator

Erin Moore - IMDB

Production Buyer

Elizabeth Marcussen - IMDB

Standby Props

Duncan Griffiths - IMDB

Standby Props

Doug Tiplady - IMDB

Costume Buyer

Dayna Chelsea Ali - IMDB

Standby Props

David Weatherstone - IMDB

Assistant Location Manager

David Fraser - IMDB


David Clarke - IMDB

Script Supervisor

Cristin Mckenzie - IMDB

Standby Art Director

Caroline Grebbel - IMDB

Digital Imaging Technician

Ben McKinstrie - IMDB

Director of Photography

Bartosz Nalazek - IMDB

Sound Mixer

Aris Anastassopoulos - IMDB

Production Designer

Andy Harris - IMDB

Costume Designer

Alison Mitchell - IMDB

Production Accountant

Shayne Savill - IMDB

Assistant Accountant

Samira Musa - IMDB

Art Director

Isadora Ananda Narishkin - IMDB


Maya Maffioli - IMDB

Line Producer

James Cotton - IMDB

Unit Manager

Harriet Gunn - IMDB

Sound Assistant

Dan Mager - IMDB

Location Manager

Ashton Radcliffe - IMDB

Petty Cash Buyer

Sara Dillon Griffiths - IMDB

Art Director

Stephen Anthony Mason - IMDB

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