The Deposit

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The Deposit is a drama with a social-political edge and deals with the sensitivities and difficulties that arise when immigrants and locals mix. The story takes place in Iceland where immigration is a relatively new phenomenon. The film is based on Auður Jónsdóttir’s novel The Deposit (Tryggðarpantur) which received a nomination to the Icelandic Book Prize in 2006 and has been translated for the Scandinavian market. The film has received production funding from the Icelandic Film Centre and will start principal photography in September 2017. When Gisella becomes bankrupt, she decides to rent out her spare bedrooms to two immigrant women. The arrangement begins well for all parties but gradually the foreign influences in the home begin to threaten Gisella's control of the house, her morals and her sanity.​


Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir - IMDB


Eva Sigurðardóttir - IMDB


Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir - IMDB

production company:

Askja Films and Rebella Filmworks




27 / 09 / 2017 - 31 / 10 / 2017

Crews on-board


Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir - IMDB

Director of Photography

Ásgrímur Guðbjartsson - IMDB

Production Designer

Stígur Steinþórsson - IMDB

Costume Designer

Helga Jóakimsdóttir - IMDB

Make-Up and Hair Designer

Ragna Fossberg - IMDB

Production Executive

Alexandra Blue - IMDB

Production Manager

Baldvin Kári - IMDB

Production Coordinator

Hannes Thor Arason - IMDB

1st Assistant Director

Fahad Falur Jabali - IMDB

2nd Assistant Director

Einar Orri Pétursson - IMDB

Focus Puller

Elva Sara Ingvarsdóttir - IMDB

Second Assistant Camera

Eva Rut Hjaltadóttir - IMDB

Art Director

Frosti Fridriksson - IMDB

Set Decorator

Una Stígsdóttir - IMDB


Dagur Benedikt Reynisson - IMDB

Sound Mixer

Agnar Friðbertsson - IMDB

Boom Operator

Skúli Helgi Sigurgíslason - IMDB

Script Supervisor

Helga Rakel Rafnsdóttir - IMDB

Location Manager

Annetta Ragnarsdóttir - IMDB

Unit Stills Photographer

Lilja Jónsdóttir - IMDB


Andri Steinn Gudjonsson - IMDB


Hinrik Jónsson - IMDB

Digital Imaging Technician

Sölmundur Ísak - IMDB

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Boom! One more department down!

New addition to our camera department! Welcome to Elva Sara (1st AC) and Eva Rut (2nd AC)!

07 Sep. 2017

Let's make a movie!

We are so glad that the sound team is complete! Welcome to Aggi and Skúli!

07 Sep. 2017